Lega HS 55 теплая подъемно-сдвижная система
Lega HS 55 теплая подъемно-сдвижная система


This is an entrance structure consisting of two main elements: a sliding part that clears the opening and a fixed, blind part. HS55 can be installed on very wide openings that face the street or a loggia.

The principle of their operation is simple: by turning the handle, the movable part is slightly lifted and easily pushed aside, freeing the opening. Thanks to the roller carriage design, there is no need to exert great physical effort to push heavy glass sashes apart.

WHY HS55 ?

In some designs, this structure is able to occupy an entire wall. Firstly, we get the full passage of sunlight without losing the heat of the room when closed. Neither rain, nor snow, nor wind will not penetrate inside, the portal is airtight, and the glass unit can consist of several chambers. The frost is not terrible, and nothing interferes with the view around the house, there are no unnecessary posts and imposts.

Secondly, it is convenient when taking out and bringing in things, including large-sized furniture. There are other significant advantages of HS55:

  • the possibility of installing a design with a fully recessed in the floor threshold – this provides safety for the elderly, people with disabilities, children;
  • durability – the designs are quite reliable, they have managed to show themselves well after several years;
  • do not need to make great efforts to open – will cope as a child and an elderly person;
  • a wide choice of designs by the number of sashes, sizes, etc.

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