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Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are used for protective purposes. When opened, they roll up into a special casing. They can be easily lowered and securely cover window and door openings."

Plastic profile systems

Plastic profile systems

High-quality plastic, resistant to environmental factors, with a smooth and even surface available in various colors and designs.

Aluminum Thermal Systems

Aluminum Thermal Systems

Energy-efficient aluminum profiles maintain the indoor microclimate, reducing heating expenses in winter and air conditioning costs in summer. Each window component - frame, insulated glass unit, and hardware - contributes to energy conservation.



The system is designed for organizing workspace and creating rooms of various functional purposes, also allowing the implementation of solutions to give rooms the desired configuration.



Choosing the accessory will add extra possibilities.

Facade systems

Facade systems

Transparent facades provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Currently, the production of aluminum facades has gained significant momentum, and the demand for such elements continues to grow steadily.

We produce aluminum and plastic profile systems for making stained glass, doors, and windows.

  • Single-leaf

  • Double-leaf

  • Arched

  • Facade

Aluminum and plastic profile systems

Create warmth and comfort for your home

Lega systems – the art that harmonizes and beautifies your home

  • PVC System
  • Warm system
  • Color palette
  • Decorative coatings
  • Modern design
Our profile systems

Latest developments

Thanks to the system consisting of multiple chambers, the inner part of the frame can be of one color, while the outer part can be of another color, providing additional design options.

More than just windows

Diverse color palette

LEGA aluminum profile systems offer limitless design possibilities for interior or exterior applications, as the profile can be painted in any color from the RAL color chart.

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