Mission. The mission of the company is focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of the products manufactured. We make every effort to produce aluminum and PVC systems with the highest purity of processing and precise geometric parameters. It is important for us to maintain quality excellence to ensure our products are safe, durable and reliable in use.

Quality Policy

The main objective of LEGA’s activity is to produce aluminum profiles for windows, doors and stained glass for customers and to add value to the business.
Based on the above-mentioned principles, the company maintains the quality of its work in the areas of management, customer relations, financial activities, as well as in relation to the workforce and technology. In particular, it solves the following main tasks:

In the area of company management:

  • ensuring that the quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, striving to continuously improve its performance and efficiency.

In the field of customer relations:

  • Establishing long-term partnership relations with clients;
  • observing the principles of protecting clients’ interests;
  • establishing the principle of feedback;

In the field of financial activity:

  • expansion of the list and volumes of produced profiles (development of new profile systems);
  • support of the level of profitability of production;

Regarding the labor collective of the company:

  • maintenance by the employees of the business reputation of the Brand of the company as a reliable one, offering customers quality products and respecting its customers, partners and competitors;
  • understanding by the employees of the goals of the company and the importance of the contribution of each of them to achieve these goals;
  • increase of labor productivity;

Regarding technologies:

  • development and improvement of technologies in the production of aluminum alloys and profiles;

In achieving these objectives, the company undertakes the following obligations to its customers:

  • to provide quality products in a timely manner and in accordance with the established requirements;
  • to continuously improve the quality of the profile systems produced;
  • to strive to improve the performance of the quality management system..
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